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Patients often view dental procedures as uncomfortable, vague and even scary. At Lakeside Dental, we want you to feel the opposite. We encourage you to understand our procedures so you can feel comfortable trusting us to handle your dental needs. We use technology to show you our tooth concerns, allowing you to see clearly the issues at hand. We also educate you about your teeth so you can fully understand the process and options for correcting the problems.

Digital x-rays

Digital x-rays are a wonderful breakthrough in dental technology. The computer-generated images allow up to 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays and also detect cavities faster than ever before. A small electronic sensor takes a picture and immediately transmits the image onto a video monitor that you and your dentist can view together.

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Laser cavity detection

Laser cavity detection finds decayed areas when they are smaller and easier to treat. Unlike the traditional method of probing teeth, the laser is less invasive and far more accurate in finding cavities and questionable areas of all sizes. The dentist beams a laser light onto the teeth with a pen-like instrument, illuminating the tiniest grooves where cavities may be forming. By locating vulnerable areas earlier, we are able to prescribe preventive measures and save you from further treatments.

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Intra-oral cameras

Most people are only able to see the surface of their teeth, but with a convenient intra-oral camera, you and your dentist can see every detail of your oral health. You simply sit back in the chair while the dentist uses a pen-like, camera-tipped wand to take video of the inside of your mouth. Much like the laser cavity detection, the camera may uncover the early stages of potentially serious dental problems.